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Baxter Machine Products

Thank you for visiting Baxter Machine Products‘ website. To our customers, we appreciate your loyalty over the many years of doing business and we will continue to give you quality service, a quality product, effective support, and on-time delivery, as expected. We understand how important you are to the future of our business, and we will continue working smartly, to give you favorable pricing and the value-added service of just-in-time delivery.

To our prospective customers, please take note that we specialize in the
manufacture of precision-machined industrial components, engineered to your
specifications. We can work with you on stocking programs, so that when you need a
shipment, it will be in your inventory within 24 hours. Our manufacturing capabilities
are serviced using high volume, automated equipment. These facilities are
supported by high-quality engineering and technical systems, which are integrated
with our business information systems.

We look forward to working with you and assure you that we take our customers
seriously, in maintaining a strong business-to-business relationship. Do not hesitate
to call our Sales Department for a quote or Customer Service Department with any
question needing immediate attention. Enjoy your visit through our website, and
contact us with your product engineering requirements.

Thank you.