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Baxter Machine Products

Our Beginning

Baxter Machine Products, Inc. has specialized in the manufacturing of precision-machined components for the industrial, transportation, and textile equipment markets since 1976. We have continuously offered make-to-order production, machining, contract inspection, assembly, and repair/build of parts to a long list of customers in major quantity lots over 30 years.We have expanded our services, continuously, with the ability to understand our cost factors. This understanding allows us to maintain competitive prices for both small and large job orders, by using enhanced engineering/CAD and technical expertise. Continuing improvements in manufacturing techniques and equipment have allowed us to expand into other markets, including automotive, electronics, mining, and heavy equipment. We can handle one-time, repeat, and blanket order processes, which are proven successes for our customer base. We are always glad to work with our customers in slight design changes, which may REDUCE MACHINING COSTS and ADD to savings for you.

Having accommodated, virtually, every type of order requirement from our customers, we are equipped to produce short and long production runs and at pricing that the customer requires. We are diligent with control of materials, machine time, and manpower, to ensure that we can manufacture at an effective cost for your specific need. This due diligence has proven that the integration of our manufacturing capabilities and sales effort gives our customers an edge with their competition or spending to make their facilities operate efficiently. It is our desire that we help our customers maximize their return on sales, as well as capital spending.

Our Mission

Baxter Machine Products, Inc. exists:

To grow our business through long-term customer relationships and business partnerships, which emphasize continuous improvements in our manufacturing processes, while absorbing cost increases where we can, resulting in the improvement in the value of delivered products and services to our customers To be cost-effective, through a qualitative process of managing our business processes from a competitive job quote, through the engineering process, to routing the part through its manufacturing process and reliable delivery of the product to its final destination

To abide by corporate laws of our Land, with noteworthy contribution to the needs of our community, conservation of our working environment, and contributing to the well-being of our employees

Our Creed

Baxter Machine Products, Inc. will invest in the future:

To continuously improve quality, customer care, and on-time delivery

To provide the customer with the necessary evidence of quality in its product
expectations and our manufacturing processes

To work diligently, with our customers to find solutions to problems, as needed

To plan and control within our manufacturing capabilities which determine costs and
quality of workmanship

To provide the proper and necessary education and training to our employees, which
helps to bring pride in workmanship

To ensure excellent housekeeping and maintenance services in our plant facilities
and manufacturing equipment

To eliminate delays, errors, and defects in parts to be delivered

To exercise demands on our suppliers to provide us with material quality, service,
and on-time delivery, as we do with our customers

Our Culture

Baxter Machine Products, Inc. is proud of its culture:

We have pride in the work ethic among all of our employees

We work hard at retaining our loyal customer base

We believe that it is important to communicate with customers and suppliers to create mutual benefit and respect for doing business

We are very careful in analyzing and controlling both production and operating costs through investment in technology and automation

We are continuously looking at capital budgeting for plant and equipment, in order to improve our manufacturing efficiency and quality of workmanship

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