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Part Design
We specialize in machining parts per customer-supplied prints and specifications and can accept drawings either electronically in any file format or by mail or fax. We occasionally work with customers in designing new parts to find the best design that will work with the lowest machining costs. We can also generate a CAD drawing from a customer’s sketch and work on an optimum design from that point. Our engineering department is willing to work with our customers in design to assist them in any way possible.

We are confidently able to handle order sizes ranging from 1 to 100,000 parts.
Machining varies from .100 inches to 20 inches, but we can accommodate parts
larger or smaller than this range also. We can maintain dimensions with as small as
.0001 inches tolerance. Parts are typically machined from round, square, hex shapes
or custom extruded shapes of bar stock. We also commonly machine parts from
plate steel, burnt out shapes, and castings. Machines used fall into different
categories for unique advantages for our customers.

Automatic bar-fed screw machines enable us to produce simple parts fast. This
enables us to manufacture large quantities at a very low cost, which we can pass
along to our customers with low prices.

CNC turning machines are our most commonly used machines. We can
accommodate complex and very tight-tolerance parts in any quantity or size range.
We can also handle a wide range of part sizes with our CNC Lathes. From .100 to
more than 8 inches we can handle whatever size parts you need.

CNC milling machines allow us to perform multiple secondary operations to our
lathes as well as make complete parts. We can handle a wide range of sizes and
features by using customized fixtures and setups.

Swiss CNC turning machines can produce parts with more precision than most
other machines on the market. We can handle extremely small and detailed parts
with unbeatable accuracy. We can also accommodate any quantity from 1 to 10,000
with our Swiss machines.

Secondary Operations are all covered by us so that your parts can arrive ready
to use in your application. From Acid Etching to Zinc Plating, we can accommodate
any finish requirements as well.

Quality Control
We build quality into our processes by completing a full inspection of the part prior to
production. Our quality limits in most cases are stricter than our customer’s
specifications. We follow an in-process inspection schedule during production to
ensure that quality levels are maintained throughout the process. We also mandate
a final inspection on all first-lot parts before they can be shipped to our customers.
We will also furnish sample parts or prototype parts for approval prior to production
if the customer requires it. Our inspection tools’ calibration occurs regularly and is
documented as per regulations. Measurements are also checked with different
measuring tools and inspectors to ensure that the readings are consistent and

Part Design